About Darough Photo Design:


We are a full service photography company in the Portland Oregon and northwest area.


Architecture/Real Estate, Product,  People.

 About Scott:

 Trained in film by my father who was also a photographer. I spent many days in a B&W darkroom and looking through large format camera's. How things have changed but it is still about the light, composition, post production and great working relationships.

My 14 year old son keeps me on my game and we spend our spare time enjoying fishing, baseball, Mt Hood and great friends. He is also getting into the photography world as well but he does not have to turn out the lights in the darkroom to process images like I did! 

a few Reviews:

Tim C.

Executive at Motorcyclist Magazine

Scott is a certified master in the studio, always creative when he'son location, inventive, personable,

professional and always delivers on time. He's also a genuinely nice guy. What else is there? TC.


 Mark H.

Director, Sales and Marketing at Windser, Inc.

I've first worked with Scott as an editor at "Cycle Magazine," where he shot product detail, beauty shots and action for the magazine. His editorial work was first rate, and when my career moved to the agency side producing all of the product photography and collateral for Kawasaki consumer products worldwide, hiring Scott to do the work was automatic. Scott did all studio photography for Kawasaki for well over a decade, where his exceptional work was used in press kits, product brochures, POS, posters, websites and print ads. Later as I moved to the client side at Kawasaki as the national marketing manager, my replacement continued to work with Scott for a number of years. He is dedicated, detail-oriented, creative and a pleasure to work with. Whenever I need something shot, Scott is the first photographer on my go-to list.


Philip W.

Producer at Netflix

I first hired Scott in 1993. Scott is a very talented, classically-trained film photographer who was a very early-adopter of the power of digital photography. Armed with his medium-format digital back camera, he's outstanding at creating killer product shots, and has a huge arsenal of tricks up his sleeve to both create an incredible image in one capture then enhance his work in post. For years in his California studio, Scott shot the complete line of Kawasaki recreational products, motorcycles, Jet Skis, off-road vehicles after which he relocated away from Southern California.


Kelly A.

Information Technology and Services Consultant and Contractor

Scott Darough is a gifted and highly experienced photographer. I contracted for our wedding and have seen his outstanding work on many publications and commercial endeavors over the years. I highly recommend Scott as a skilled photographer and have known Scott as a dependable and personable friend for many years.




I have designed specialized lighting equipment for real estate / architecture, location lighting and action. Including a remote overhead soft-box and camera mounts

 School / Experience:

Art Center College of Design.

20+ years shooting Catalogs, Ads, Posters,

Billboards and Brochures.

Large and small productions.  


Aimco Tools Portland

ATI Albany Oregon

Carla Properties LTD

Kawasaki Motors Co. USA

American Honda Motor Co.

Affinity Group inc.

Yokohama Tires

Chevrolet (GM)